Jessica Moore
Co-Founder & Creative Director

At the age of 7, Phoebe knew that she wanted to a be a photographer. Growing up in Glastonbury, surrounded by artists and musicians, she was inspired daily to to be her own original and unique self. She was never intimidated by the prospect of being a professional photographer – “This is what I want to do with my life.”

“Don’t feel intimidated by people,” she says. “It doesn’t matter if you have a Ferrari and a billion pounds…care about the person inside – their soul.”

Phoebe applied this attitude to her teenage life. She is a self-taught photographer who started out by experimenting with film cameras at home. By the age of 16 she worked her first professional photography gig. Soon after, she was shooting the Outlook Festival in Croatia and then after moving to Bristol for college, established herself as a photographer there.


“Weddings, I love weddings…especially when I can capture candid moments. Candids are so genuine and real.” 

After two years of studying music production, Phoebe decided to focus more time on her photography. She spent a year traveling through Thailand, Cambodia, India, Bali and Java, documenting all of her experiences.

While exploring the South Pacific, she stumbled upon Sumba Island and Nihiwatu. Her favorite part of the island has been befriending the native locals; hearing their stories, documenting their traditions and becoming a part of their lives has changed Phoebe’s view on life.